E-Bike Ban?

Fueled by fire safety concerns, a new rule
would ban e-bikes and e-scooters from all
public housing in New York City. The
potential move has faced backlash already.

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Door Dilemma

Officials had hoped that new research would help solve a long-simmering debate on fire door gaps. It didn’t. 

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ESS Prep
Firefighters need improved ESS training and regulation to safely coexistence with this evolving, complex hazard. Read article.

Don’t Fret
Study: Worrying about a fire makes you less likely to respond to one correctly. Read article.


E-bike and E-scooter Fire Safety

Battery-powered electric bicycles and scooters, collectively known as micromobility devices, have exploded in popularity in recent years, but so too have fires involving these devices. From New York City to India, e-bikes and e-scooters batteries have sparked fires that have killed dozens of people and destroyed hundreds of thousands of dollars of property. Today on the podcast, Angelo interviews an FDNY chief about New York’s experience over the past two years with electric micromobility devices (2:40), as well as a battery researcher at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (27:00).


The History and Evolution of Burn Treatment
In this episode of Learn Something New by NFPA Journal, we examine the history and evolution of burn treatment, from smearing alcohol, mud, and feces on burns to cutting-edge skin graft surgeries and antibiotic infusions.

Letter from Grizzly Flats

The manager of NFPA’s Firewise USA program recounts a recent visit to a fire-ravaged California town

‘Doing It Better’

Lori Moore-Merrell, the new US Fire Administrator, discusses 2022 priorities, challenges, and more

Taking Stock
A new tool developed by NFPA can help communities identify critical gaps in the Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem

Under Fire
A top-ranking Ukraine official talks to NFPA Journal about the realities faced by firefighters in a war zone

Following a fatal 2019 gas blast, a Maine law takes effect requiring gas detectors in buildings where appliances that use natural gas or propane are located. The November/December 2020 issue of NFPA Journal included a feature story on the importance of gas detection systems; read the article at nfpa.org/earlywarning.

As Typhoon Rai bore down on the Philippines, a priest holds mass in defiance of evacuation orders. Video shows powerful winds and rains sweeping through the church as the priest speaks to empty pews. Watch a video. 

NFPA and vipHomeLink announce a partnership to bring world-class fire, life, and electrical safety information from NFPA to homeowners using vipHomeLink’s digital platform. Read more.

Investment in safety cog ECOSYSTEM SUCCESS  
After a string of costly shipboard fires, the US Navy forms a group of professionals to oversee bolstering fire safety on ships. The group will primarily focus on preventing hot work and electrical fires. Read more.

Preparedness and emergency response cog ECOSYSTEM SUCCESS 
Volunteer firefighter Tyler Hicks of Rudd, Iowa, keeps a tornado siren wailing by hand as historic storms rocked the northern Iowa city in December. “I signed up to do this, and that was my job that night,” Hicks tells local reporters. Read more.

Code compliance cog ECOSYSTEM FAIL 
Officials say heat lamps at a marijuana grow facility illegally located in the basement of a residential property in Foxboro, Massachusetts, sparked a mid-December blaze that displaced a dozen residents. Read more.
‘Last resort’: The Life Safety Code and fire escape stairs. Read more.
NFPA 72 and the need to reduce nuisance smoke alarms. Read more. 
Information signage requirements for sprinkler systems. Read more.
2023 NEC discussions include proposals related to electric shock drowning. Read more.

A pair of new reports challenges standards developers to improve wildfire protection in building codes. Read more.
Fires in animal boarding facilities make it critically important to spread public education messages in your community. Read more.
A high school student from Oregon explains the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy in an engaging six-minute video. Read more.

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