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Keep your workers protected with today's standard - the 2012 NFPA 70E Set
Learn how the 2012 NFPA 70E will help you keep your workers and business safe from electrical hazards.
Michael D. Fontaine, NFPA® Senior Electrical
Engineer and NFPA 70E Handbook Author
NFPA 70E: Electrical Safety in the Workplace has major updates for 2012.
Safeguard personnel from electrical hazards with the 2012 NFPA 70E. Reference the new hazard/risk classification table, coverage of dc hazards, rules for training and safety program audits, and other changes that simplify compliance with OSHA 1910 Subpart S and OSHA 1926 Subpart K.
Find answers in the full-color Handbook for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.
Use the 2012 NFPA 70E Handbook to ensure zero injuries and bring your electrical safety program up-to-date. Along with the Standard text, this unique resource features full-color photos and graphics, and expert commentary that clarifies the intent behind NFPA 70E® rules.