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2020 NEC Changes Webinar Recording

We know that changes to the code means changes for your work. This recent webinar with Jeff Sargent, NFPA Principal Engineer, Electrical answers some of your top questions about the new 2020 NEC to help you stay compliant and reduce risk. 





Some of the major changes to the NEC discussed during the webinar included:
  • Article 100 – Revision to the definition ofservice and new definitions fordormitory unit and laundry area
  • 310.3(A) – Revised to include a voltage rating threshold up to 2000 volts to correlate with the relocation of medium voltage requirements to new Article 311
  • 210.8 – Expansion of GFCI protection requirements and revision to clarify how proximate measurement for GFCI protection is made
  • Table 220.12 – Revisions to the general lighting load table
  • 250.25 – New section covers requirements for grounding and bonding of supply-side disconnects
  • 314.27 (C) – Revisiontorequirement specifying condition under which listed fan-rated boxes must be installed at ceiling outletsin dwelling units.
  • 682.15 (B) – New requirements covering ground-fault protection at piers associated with natural and man-made bodies of water.