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NFPA Health Care Membership Section

Health Care Section membership helps tailor your NFPA benefits to your industry. You'll learn efficient, cost-effective ways to minimize risks associated with the environment of care and will stay current on the NFPA codes and standards applied by CAP, CARF, CMS, and JCAHO. Plus, Section membership puts you in direct contact with a broad array of professionals, from fire safety experts to paramedics to administrators to biomedical engineers. Get time- and money-saving solutions to your organization's most pressing priorities. As a Health Care Section member, you'll have direct access to information on the most current industry-related technologies, equipment, operations, applications, and life safety practices and programs.

Advance your career through CEUs, educational seminars, and professional development critical to your success on the job. Plus, Section leadership and publication opportunities help you build credentials and enhance your reputation as an expert in your field. 

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Section news

Stay up-to-date with what's happening with the Health Care Section and participate in discussions by visiting NFPA's Xchange community (login required).   

Section objectives

The Health Care Section is comprised of individuals with a focus on the protection of patients, visitors, staff, property, and the environment from fire, disaster, and related safety issues within health care settings.

Section membership is open to individual members of NFPA and delegated representatives of organizational members of NFPA who meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Staff member of a health care facility, organization, or association.
  2. Licensed or certified to perform, performs, or teaches others to perform medical services.
  3. Directly involved in engineering, manufacturing, testing, selling, regulating, or servicing medical products, devices, or services.
  4. Involved in designing, constructing, testing, inspecting, maintaining, regulating, licensing, or certifying a medical facility or facilities.
  5. Individual member of NFPA who can show reasonable involvement with the objectives of the section

Membership eligibility is determined by the Executive Board of the section or the Executive Secretary of the section under the direction of the Executive Board. Any individual member of NFPA not meeting the section requirements may become a member of the section provided a reasonable involvement with the objectives of the section can be demonstrated to the Executive Board.

The objective of the Health Care Section is to provide NFPA members involved in providing health care facilities and services increased opportunities for the following:

  1. Exchanging information and experience in fire safety, fire prevention, and related matters.
  2. Developing their understanding of fire prevention and control methods appropriate to the health care industry.
  3. Encouraging and facilitating contributions to assist in the development and applications of NFPA codes and standards prepared by authorized committees of the Association.

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