Notice of proposed NFPA Member Section bylaws

Published on April 20, 2023

To the NFPA Membership:

In accordance with the various NFPA member section bylaws, please consider this as notice from the Director, NFPA Membership, of a proposal for new member section bylaws for approval at the annual business meeting of our member sections other than IFMA and Metro Chiefs. Annual business meetings are in person and will take place the week of June 19, 2023, in connection with NFPA’s Conference & Expo to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The summary of updated changes include:

  • an objective focused on technical committee participation
  • timelines for notifying the membership when executive board positions are open
  • updates to officer positions and board member positions
  • timelines for election of executive board members
  • board member terms
  • amendment procedures
  • approach to dissolve

The existing member section bylaws can be found on each member section webpage. The proposed bylaws for the sections other than IFMA and Metro Chiefs can be found on NFPA Xchange™.

Should you have any questions concerning the proposed new bylaws, please feel free to contact me at the NFPA headquarters.

Very truly yours,

Susan McArdle
Director, Membership