Stay involved with your Section

Here are some ideas on how you can stay involved with your Section's activities:

  • Attend the Section business meeting held during the NFPA Conference & Expo each year to get to know the issues that are facing our membership and network with the Board and other members. 
  • Submit session proposals during the “call for presentations” issued each summer to build the content for NFPA’s annual Conference and Expo. 
  • Send your resume in to the Section Nominating Committee Chair or Executive Board Chair for consideration for any upcoming open Board positions or special task force/section committee assignments. 
  • Write a Section Spotlight article for the NFPA Journal® and submit your article or interest to Courtney O’Neill, Program Coordinator of Sections. Please include your name, Section affiliation, and NFPA Member number. You must be a Member of an NFPA Section to participate. Have not yet enrolled in an NFPA Section? You can sign up online. Section Membership is free and included in your NFPA membership.