U.S. Structure Fires in Non Residential Properties

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Report: NFPA's "U.S. Structure Fires in Non-Residential Properties"
Author: Jennifer D. Flynn
Issued: October 2009

An overview of non-residential property fires, including trend tables, causes, time of day, day of week, month of year, and area of origin.


In 2003-2006, U.S. municipal fire departments responded to an estimated average of 109,300 structure fires in non-residential properties annually. These fires resulted in 100 civilian fire deaths, 1,410 civilian injuries, $2.4 billion in direct property damage, annually. One out of every 5 of these fires was contained to trash or rubbish. Twenty-two percent of non-residential structure fires involved storage facilities. One out of every four non-residential structure fires occurs in the afternoon, between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.