Latest issue of NFPA Journal is available

Published on July 2, 2008
Topics include airport and jumbo jet safety, firefighter fatality report, and fire safety for tunnels

July 2, 2008 - The latest issue of NFPA Journal®, published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and considered the authority on fire, electrical, and building safety, is now available.

Akron Airdock Fire
Firefighters are faced with an unusual situation when they respond to a call at the Akron Fulton International Airport and find themselves trying to save a landmark blimp hangar.

Super Jumbo Jet Safety For Airbus A380
Airport fire departments prepare for future incidents involving a new super-sized aircraft. Emergency response plans and standards are being updated to include guidelines for protecting the Airbus A380.

Water-Based Suppression at the New Indianapolis Airport
Learn how sprinkler system design and water supplies play a role in fire protection at a new airport that is slated for operation later this year to serve more than eight million people annually.

NFPA Report: 2007 Firefighter Fatalities
In 2007, a total of 102 on-duty firefighter deaths occurred in the U.S. NFPA has been reporting on firefighter fatalities since 1977. 

Face Off: Tunnel Fire Detection Systems
The Fire Protection Research Foundation recently completed an international research project to study the performance of fire detection systems in tunnels.

NFPA podcast
NFPA’s July podcast is also available. Topics this month include NFPA s annual firefighter fatality report, a new fire detection study for tunnels, and experts discussing the dangers of consumer fireworks.

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