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Published on January 22, 2009
NFPA Journal features article on NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities

January 22, 2009— The latest issue of NFPA Journal, the official magazine of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), offers insight into the review and revision of NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities. NFPA 99 is a code that determines the performance criteria for health care facilities; however even with revision every three years, the code cannot keep up with the advancements in the healthcare industry.

The cover story Going Under the Knife focuses on the obstacles that NFPA’s Technical Correlating Committee (TCC) on health care facilities faced while revamping NFPA 99. Originally concentrating on a facility’s infrastructure, laboratory protection, health care emergency management, and protection of various health care occupancies, the new edition of NFPA 99 will address new areas of concern that were not previously addressed in the code. Audio available.

NFPA Journal’s January/February 2009 issue also includes the following features:

  • Where There's Smoke
    Fires that occur when smoking is mixed with home medical oxygen use can be deadly. How do we reduce the risk while still protecting patient privacy? Audio available.
  • Flash Fire On The Ward
    December 8, 1961. An explosion and fire in a high-rise hospital threaten a ward filled with patients, many of them seriously ill. The result had a far-reaching impact on health care facility codes.
  • Measuring Up
    A recent project on code compliance effectiveness measures offers eleven code measures to be used when evaluating the effectiveness of fire-related codes and standards.

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