NFPAs National Fire Codes Subscription Service launches new NFCSS with Handbooks

Published on January 19, 2011
January 19, 2011 – The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) today launched NFCSS with Handbooks, a new National Fire Codes® Subscription Service (NFCSS) option that is available for access to enhanced electronic content.

NFCSS with Handbooks will continue to provide all the features and benefits of its current electronic NFCSS subscription, which includes access to current and previous editions of NFPA codes and standards online. In addition, subscribers to NFCSS with Handbooks will now have access to the powerful combination of the national fire codes and NFPA handbooks together in one source.

Written by leading authorities in life safety and fire protection, NFPA handbooks are roadmaps to the codes that help users get up-to-speed on new requirements. NFCSS with Handbooks features commentary distinguished by shading to explain the rationale behind the code; full code or standard text for easy reference, examples of correct applications in specific situations; and hundreds of photos, tables, diagrams and charts that graphically convey code concepts. The service includes PDF and HTML formats of all handbooks.

“NFPA handbooks provide detailed information and in-depth perspectives for their respective codes,” says Christian Dubay, P.E., NFPA vice president and chief engineer. “Providing NFCSS users with the NFPA handbooks in a single location will help users to easily identify and understand the latest code requirements and changes that most affect their day to day work.”

As nearly 25 percent of NFPA’s codes are revised every year, NFCSS ensures that its subscribers continuously have access to the latest version of each code and any modifications or updates to those requirements. The new option of NFCSS with Handbooks will enhance subscribers’ ability to stay apprised of that information. 

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