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Can one person make a difference in affecting NFPA codes and standards? Absolutely! The best way to make an individual difference is to submit Public Input and Public Comment on NFPA standards during their revision cycles.

Submit Public Input

Public input is a suggested revision to a new or existing NFPA standard. See all NFPA standards now accepting Public Input.

Submit Public InputPublic comment is a suggested revision to the first draft of an NFPA standard. See all NFPA standards now accepting Public Comment.

NFPA news for the fire service

Firefighters are directly impacted by NFPA codes and standards on the job every day. If you think changes need to be made to them, we need to hear from you!

According to a NFPA survey, most firefighters don’t know how to get involved in our codes- and standards-making process, or don’t think their voices will be heard. In response, NFPA is working to strengthen our outreach to the fire service - and let you know how important your voices truly are, and just how influential your input into our standards-making process can be.

One of the best ways for your voice to be heard is to submit Public Input (a suggested revision to a new or existing NFPA standard) or Public Comment (a suggested revision to the first draft of an NFPA standard) during their revision cycles. It’s 100% free, easy to do, and can all be done online!

The NFPA standards that most impact the fire service are organized into the following categories: Aircraft, Apparatus, Data, EMS, Hazardous Materials, Ladders/Hoses, Organizational Development, Personal Protective Equipment, Professional Qualifications, Training, and Wildland Fires.

Questions or need assistance? Please call +1 617 984-7242, or send an e-mail.

Video: NFPA’s firefighting standards protect, support and impact firefighters on the job each and every day. This video provides a real-time account of the tasks and functions firefighters take on during an actual fire, and how NFPA plays a role in all of them. Make sure to watch the entire clip, as the incident culminates in a dramatic, unexpected outcome.

Other ways for the fire service to get involved with NFPA

  • Technical Committees: Learn how to apply for an NFPA Technical Committee or Panel that develop and revise NFPA’s codes and standards every three to five years.
  • NFPA Conference & Expo is the largest annual event of its kind for the fire and life safety community, offering tremendous opportunities to network with members of the fire service throughout the country, and to stay apprised of the latest in firefighting techniques, standards, practices and technologies.
  • NFPA membership: As a member of NFPA, you have access to a wealth of resources and information, including technical support, codes and standards alerts, technology updates and professional connection that help you make the right choices on the job, and to prepare for possible outcomes.