Summary of 2013 Strategic Research Agenda Survey Results

Published on March 5, 2013
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In 2008, the Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF) published its 5 year strategic agenda. The seven point agenda was the culmination of a comprehensive planning effort to identify the emerging societal, technological and environmental issues likely to impact fire and electrical safety, NFPA codes and standards, and consequently, should drive the Foundation’s research program in support of those codes and standards.

We are currently engaged in a yearlong effort to update the agenda: activities include gathering information and ideas from a broad range of feedback streams, including leaders outside our industry and members of NFPA technical committees, staff, and leadership. The goal will be to identify key emerging fire and electrical safety challenges and how we might structure ourselves to develop research information to help address those challenges.

One important component of this year-long information collection effort is a survey of FPRF constituents. The survey was designed both to benchmark the continued relevance of the seven point strategic research agenda identified in 2008, and seek input on emerging issues that we might focus on. We also sought input on how the Foundation might better structure our activities to support research for NFPA Technical Committees, and whether we should focus on broader fire and electrical safety issues that may impact future loss.

2013 Survey Approach
The survey was implemented via the internet in January 2013. A request to participate was emailed to the 2530 stakeholders in the Foundation database. Its availability was also made known on the Foundation’s website. After approximately two weeks, access to the survey was closed so that the results could be analyzed and summarized. There were a total of 370 responses, representing a response rate of 14.6%. Of those respondents, 60% had never had involvement with a specific project; the balance had contributed to a Foundation project as a sponsor, contractor or advisory panel member. About 40% came from the research or consulting community; the balance from other sectors of the fire protection industry.

Download the full summary. (PDF, 289 KB)

Emerging Issues From 2008