Economic Impact of Residential Fire Sprinkler Legislation in California

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As residential fire sprinkler adoption is debated in many states, there is a noteworthy amount of misrepresentation about the economic impact of home fire sprinklers. Among the claims by critics of home fire sprinklers is that requiring sprinklers may impact home affordability, housing starts, consumer choice, and owner rights. More facts are needed on the issue of economic impact of home fire sprinklers.

In 2011, California issued a statewide requirement for fire sprinkler installation in new 1‐ and 2‐family homes. This project will explore the economic impact of home fire sprinklers as it relates to the housing market by using California as a case study. This research will compare the economic impact from pre‐2011 when sprinklers were not required to the current status, presenting an economic picture that is useful beyond California and improve the overall understanding of the impact of home fire sprinkler installation.

Research goal: Using California as a case study, develop an analysis of the economic impact of the home fire sprinkler requirement on the housing market.

Download the project summary. (PDF)