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Dormitory, Providence, RI, 12/13/77
NFPA members: Download this July 1978 Fire Journal article. (PDF)
Dormitory, Williamsburg, VA, 1/20/83.
NFPA members: Download this Williamsburg, VA report(PDF)
Fraternity House, Berkeley, CA, 9/8/90, 3 fatalities.
NFPA members: Download this Berkeley, CA report(PDF)
All visitors: Summary in Spanish 
Dormitory, Franklin, MA, 10/25/95.
NFPA members: Download this Franklin, MA report
All visitors: Summary in Spanish 
Fraternity House Fire, Chapel Hill, NC, 5/12/96, 5 fatalities.
All visitors: Download this Chapel Hill, NC report
Summary in English and Spanish
 Chapel Hill