Computer rooms and other electronic equipment areas

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 "Computer Rooms and Other Electronic Equipment Areas" report (PDF, 850 KB)

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Report: NFPA's "Computer Rooms and Other Electronic Equipment Areas"
Author: John R. Hall, Jr.
Issued: March 2012

Statistical analyses of fire experience involving computer rooms or other electronic equipment areas, including causes and areas or origin, as well as the presence or absence of fire protection systems, plus selected incident descriptions.


In 2006-2010, there were an estimated 209 reported U.S. structure fires per year that started in electronic equipment rooms. Associated annual average estimated losses in 2006-2010 five, civilian injuries, and $11.9 million in direct property damage. No deaths were reported.

Most non-home electronic equipment room fires (78%) begin with electronic equipment as equipment involved in ignition (33%) or with electrical distribution or lighting equipment (29%) or heating, ventilating, or air conditioning equipment (16%). Detectors were reported present in 77% of non-home structure fires beginning in electronic equipment rooms, and sprinklers were reported in 35% of those fires.