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Report: NFPA's "Structure Fires in Barns"
Author: Ben Evarts
Issued: June 2012

This report provides an overview of the fire problem in livestock and poultry storage, including barns, stockyards, and animal pens. This report includes statistics on major causes, time of day, day of week, month of year and item first ignited.


From 2006 to 2010, 830 structure fires in barns (properties defined in NFIRS as: livestock or poultry storage, including barns, stockyards, and animal pens) were reported to U.S. municipal fire departments per year. These fires were responsible for annual losses of one civilian death, ten civilian injuries, and $28 million in direct property damage.  Heating equipment was the cause of nearly one-quarter (25%) of these fires, led by heat lamps (15%). NFPA 150, Standard on Fire and Life Safety in Animal Housing Facilities covers barns where animals are housed and is invaluable to anyone interested in safety in this type of property.