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Non-fire incidents

Burns Seen in Hospital Emergency Rooms by Burn Type and Victim's Age 
The majority of burns are not due to fire. Children under five face a risk of an emergency room visit for a non-fire burn that is 2.6 -5.0 times that of the general population. While older adults face the highest risk of home fire death, their risk of an ER visit for any type of burn was below average.

Carbon Monoxide Incidents
A summary of non-fire carbon monoxide incidents reported by month, by time of day and by type of occupancy. 

Deaths and Injuries Due to Non-Fire Burns 
Statistics from the U.S. death certificate database, the CPSC database on injuries reported to hospital emergency rooms, and the annual CDC in-person health interview survey, all on numbers and types of burn injuries.

Deaths and Injuries Due to Non-Fire Exposure to Gases
Statistics from the U.S.  death certificate database and the CPSC database on injuries reported to hospital emergency rooms on fatal and non-fatal injuries involving exposure to gases. Limited information is provided specifically on carbon monoxide.

Deaths Due to Unintentional Injury From Explosions
Statistics from the U.S. death certificate database on deaths involving unintentional injury from explosions, including pressure vessel explosions, which are analyzed separately.

Fatal Electrical Injuries at Work
Occupations that routinely involve electrical work are the most obvious populations at risk for electrical injury, but virtually any environment that utilizes electrical equipment or is conducted near electrical installations may involve exposure to hazardous energy. This report provides an overview of fatal electrical injuries at work in 2012-2016.

Fatal Electrical Injuries of Contract Workers
This report examines fatal work injuries of contract workers between 2012 and 2016. Due to the growth of temporary workers in the labor force in recent years, there has been substantial attention in recent years to special health and safety needs and experiences of this workforce.  

Non-Fatal Electrical Injuries at Work
This report profiles non-fatal occupational injuries in the U.S. caused by exposure to electricity from 2012 – 2016. 

Non-Fire Electrical Incidents
This report shows the breakdown of non-fire electrical incidents reported to local fire departments in the U.S. during 2014 by incident type and property type. Estimates are provided for specific types of electrical rescues and incidents without rescues.