Reaching the US Fire Service with Hydrogen Safety Information: A Roadmap

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Reaching the U.S. Fire Service with Hydrogen Safety Information: A Roadmap" (PDF, 6 MB)
Author: Casey C. Grant, P.E., Fire Protection Research Foundation
Date of issue: September 2009


This study provides an overview of the U.S. Fire Service to help improve the transfer of hydrogen safety information to and from the emergency response community. The fire service in the United States involves numerous individuals and organizations, and the information included in this report provides a better understanding of emergency first responders to facilitate efficient and effective transfer of hydrogen safety information.

This report is a compendium of the following three parts that comprise this study:

Part 1: Fire Service Primer (a detailed primer that provides an overview of the Fire Service in the United States);

Part 2: Permitting Roadmap and Incident Response Protocols (an overview of permitting and incident response, with details for purposes of illustration of six specific case study jurisdictions); and

Part3: Emergency Responder Training Needs (an overview and summary of training needs for applications involving hydrogen-based applications such as road vehicles, rail vehicles, industrial lift trucks, fixed sites, etc).

This project has involved significant input from a wide range of individuals. Special thanks are extended to the U.S. Department of Energy and National Renewable Energy Laboratory who have funded this project and made it possible. Appreciation is likewise extended to the Project Technical Panel for their helpful guidance and assistance, and to the numerous individuals and organizations that have monitored and/or participated in the project by providing valuable input.

The content, opinions and conclusions contained in this report are solely those of the author.