Antifreeze Solutions Supplied through Spray Sprinklers

Published on February 23, 2012

Full report
Nov. 2012 "Antifreeze Solutions Supplied Through Spray Sprinklers: Final Report" (PDF, 391 KB)

Downoad the executive summary. (PDF, 24 KB)

Related report
Feb. 2012 "Antifreeze Solutions Supplied Through Spray Sprinklers: Interim Report" (PDF, 934 KB)

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Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Antifreeze Solutions Supplied Through Spray Sprinklers: Final Report"
Author: Code Consultants, Inc.
Date of issue: November 2012


This report provides information on a fire test program recently completed by the Foundation to investigate antifreeze solutions supplied through spray sprinklers. It follows previous research focused on residential sprinkler systems. The current research was developed to investigate the potential for ignition of antifreeze supplied through non-residential, spray sprinklers. The scope of the project does not include investigating the effectiveness of the antifreeze sprays in controlling a fire condition.