Archived reports - Building and life safety

Below are available reports. To learn more about these reports, you can search the NFPA Library & Archives catalog, or contact the library at +1 617 984-7445.  


  • U.S. Structure Fires in Barns
  • Anchorage and Bracing of Equipment and Mechanical Systems - Compilation of Available Guidance
  • A Literature Review of Emergency and Non-Emergency Events
  • Evaluating Occupant Load Factors for Business Operations
  • Structural Fire Resistance Experimental Research - Priority Needs of U.S. Industry
  • Petroleum Refineries and Natural Gas Plants


  • Validation of Methodologies to Determine Fire Load for Use in Structural Fire Protection
  • Fatal Effects of Fire
  • Fires at U.S. Service Station
  • Human Factors Contributing to Fatal Injury Based on NFIRS 5.0 Field in the Civilian Casualty Module
  • Religious and Funeral Properties


  • Evaluation of Health Care Operating Rooms as Wet/Dry Locations
  • Demographic and Other Characteristics Related to Fire Deaths or Injuries
  • Stores and Other Mercantile Properties


  • Fire Safety in Theatres - A New Design Approach
  • Prisons and Jails


  • Fires and Burns Involving Home Medical Oxygen 


  • Public Perceptions of High-Rise Building Safety and Emergency Evacuation Procedures
  • Fire Resistance Testing for Performance-based Fire Design of Buildings


  • A Few Facts at the Household Level