Total evacuation systems for tall buildings

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Total Evacuation Systems For Tall Buildings" (PDF)
Author: Enrico Ronchi, Daniel Nilsson – Lund University (Sweden)
Date of issue: January 2013


Building evacuation strategies are a critical element in high rise building fire safety. Research to date has focused on elevators and exit stairs; however, there is a need to apply this research to relocation and evacuation systems which may include combinations of these two exit strategies as well as new egress components such as sky bridges for tall buildings. Accordingly, the Fire Protection Research Foundation initiated this project with the objective to study possible improvements to life safety of tall buildings through an investigation of occupant relocation and evacuation strategies involving the use of exit stairs, elevators, sky bridges and combinations thereof. The study consists of a review and compilation of existing information on this topic as well as the conduct of case study simulations of a multi component exit strategy. This review provides the architectural design, regulatory, and research communities with a more thorough understanding of the current and emerging evacuation procedures and possible future options.

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Example models
  • An example of the Pathfinder model including one of the scenarios of the high-rise building with both stairs and elevators included.  This model was built with Pathfinder version 2012.1.0802.
  • An example of the STEPS model including one of the scenarios of the high-rise building with elevators only. This model was built with STEPS version 4.1.
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