Archived reports - Emergency responders

Below are available reports. To learn more about these reports, you can search the NFPA Library & Archives catalog, or contact the library at +1 617 984-7445.  


  • Capabilities and Limitations of Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS) for Structural Firefighting – Workshop Summary 
  • Determination of Fire Hose Friction Loss Characteristics 

  • Interoperable ESE: Performance Requirements for Compatible and Interoperable Electronic Equipment for Emergency First Responders 
  • Workshop: Intrinsic Safety of Emergency Responder Electronic Safety Equipment 


  • Fire Service Performance Measures 

  • NFIRS Incident Types - Why Aren't They Telling a Clearer Story? 

  • Addressing Community Wildfire Risk: A Review and Assessment of Regulatory and Planning Tools 
  • 2nd Annual Electric Vehicle Safety Standards Summit – Summary Report 
  • Analysis of Ambulance Crash Data 
  • Image Quality Testing of Fire Service Thermal Imaging Cameras 
  • Emergency First Responder Respirator Thermal Characteristics - Workshop Proceedings 
  • Professional Qualifications “Now and Beyond Workshop” for Fire and Emergency Services   
  • Assessment of Powered Rescue Tool Capabilities with High-Strength Alloys and Composite Materials (revised) 


  • Unwanted Fire Alarms 

  • Fire Fighter Safety and Emergency Response for Solar Power Systems – Final Report 
  • U.S. National Electric Vehicle Safety Standards Summit Summary Report 
  • Risk Factors for Fire Fighter Cardiovascular Disease – Executive Summary 
  • Quantitative Evaluation of Fire and EMS Mobilization Times 
  • Fire Fighter Safety and Emergency Response for Electric Drive and Hybrid Electric Vehicles – Final Report 


  • Reaching the U.S. Fire Service with Hydrogen Safety Information: A Roadmap 
  • Fire Fighting Tactics Under Wind Driven Conditions 


  • Measuring Code Compliance Effectiveness for Fire-Related Portions of Codes
  • Thermal Capacity of Fire Fighter Protective Clothing 
  • Respiratory Exposure Study for Fire Fighters and Other Emergency Responders 
  • U.S. Firefighter Deaths Related to Training, 2001-2010