Deadliest fires with 5 or more firefighter deaths at the fire ground


Date Number of fatalities Occupancy Location
09/11/2001 340 * World Trade Center New York, NY
6/30/2013 19 Wildland fire (Yarnell Hill) Yarnell, AZ
07/6/1994 14 Wildland fire (South Canyon) Glenwood Springs, CO
07/23/1984 10 Oil refinery Romeoville, IL
4/17/2013 9 Fertilizer plant West, TX
6/18/2007 9 Furniture store Charleston, SC
8/5/2008 9 Wildfire fire (Buckhorn) helicopter crash Near Weaverville, CA
12/3/1999 6 Warehouse Worcester, MA
06/25/1990 6 Wildland fire (Dude fire) Payson, AZ
11/29/1988 6 Construction site Kansas City, MO
08/2/1978 6 Supermarket New York, NY
10/26/2006 5 Wildland fire (Esperanza fire) Perris, CA
07/1/1988 5 Auto dealership Hackensack, NJ
12/27/1983 5  Radiator repair shop Buffalo, NY

* On 9/11/2001, 343 employees of the FDNY were killed: 340 firefighters, two paramedics and a chaplain. For the purposes of its annual Firefighter Fatality report, NFPA contains the count of only firefighters.

Disclaimer: Death tolls are based on information in NFPA’s records. Please contact us to provide any updated information.   

Source: NFPA’s Fire Incident Data Organization (FIDO), Fire Analysis and Research Division, June 2017.