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Evaluation of fire and explosion hazard of nanoparticles

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: “Evaluation of fire and explosion hazard of nanoparticles."
Authors: Nabila Nazneen, Qingsheng Wang, Ph.D., PE, CSP
Date of issue: August 2019


The NFPA Dust standards need a common definition for a nanoparticle, an understanding of how their combustion properties differ from larger particles, and an awareness of the effect on the selection and application of fire and explosion prevention, detection, and suppression methods. Are there significant differences in the combustion characteristics between nanoparticles and larger particles that would significantly affect fire and explosion prevention, detection, and suppression methods and are these differences present for all commodity dusts? What numerical size criterion should be used to distinguish a nanoparticle from larger particles from the standpoint of fire and explosion safety principles?

The goal of this project is to determine the particle size at which the combustion properties significantly change from that of larger particles through a literature review. More specifically to identify the combustion properties, fire and explosion hazard posed by the nanoparticles.