2022 SUPDET papers

Suppression, Detection and Signaling Research and Applications Conference (SUPDET 2022)

All abstracts and presentations are in PDF format

Energy Storage Systems

Effect of cathode material and state of charge on the emissions of several LIB  Abstract | Presentation
Nour Elsagan, Fire Safety Unit, Construction Research Center Yoon Ko, National Research Council of Canada 

From F-150’s to Grid-Scale Storage: Challenges, Solutions, and Best Practices in Energy Storage  Abstract | Presentation
Noah Ryder, Fire & Risk Alliance, LLC 

Proactive ESS: a look at lessons learned and safety by design  Presentation
Christina Francis, Tesla

Special Suppression Applications

Feasibility Analysis and FDS Modeling of Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems for Protection of Aircraft Hangars  Abstract | Presentation
K. Steranka, Jensen Hughes J. Milke and A. Trouve, University of Maryland

Effect of Inert Gas Discharge Time on Class A Test Article Extinguishment  Abstract | Presentation
Zimak, J., Cuevas, J., Puchovsky, P., Simeoni, A., Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

Storage Applications

Managing Fire Hazards in Top-Load Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems  Abstract
Benjamin Ditch, FM Global 

Tactical Measures for Manual Firefighting for the AutoStore system  Abstract | Presentation
Ingunn Haraldseid, AutoStore AS 

Impact of Elevated Walkways in Storage on Sprinkler Protection  Abstract | Presentation
Noah Ryder, Fire & Risk Alliance, LLC 

Emerging issues

Water Supply and Climate Change: The Impact of Water Stress on Fire Protection Systems   Abstract | Presentation
Virginia R. Charter, PhD, PE, Justin Fletcher, Oklahoma State University

Addressing the Research Practice Gap in Pre-Incident Planning through Simulation-Based Case Studies  Abstract | Presentation
Katelynn A. Kapalo, Ph.D., Joseph A. Bonnell University of Nebraska at Omaha


Assessment of Commercial Fluorine-Free Firefighting Foams and Impacts for Updated Military Qualification  Abstract | Presentation
Katherine Hinnant, S. Karwoski, J. Farley, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory 

Evaluation of PFAS-Free Fire-Fighting Foams With Conventional And CompressedAir Foam Equipment For Military Applications  Presentation
Jason Huczek, Southwest Research Institute David Munroe, ACAF Systems, Inc. Niall Ramsden, ENRG Consultant Co. 

Going Fluorine Free - Converting a Legacy AFFF System to Fluorine-Free Foam  Abstract | Presentation
Jeremy Souza, P.E., Code Red Consultants 

FAA Fluorine-free foam research (Video) Presentation
Keith Bagot, FAA

First responders

A binary Logistic Regression Model to Evaluate Backdraft Phenomenon  Abstract | Presentation
Ryan Falkenstein-Smith and Thomas Cleary, National Institute of Standards and Technology 

Data Informed Fire-Ground Operations  Abstract | Presentation
Nicholas Petrakis, P.E., Michael Bowes, Energy Safety Response Group (ESRG) Casey Grant, P.E., DSRAE, LLC

Machine Learning Based Heart Abnormality Detection System for Safe Firefighting  Abstract | Presentation
Jiajia Li, Christopher U. Brown, Wai Cheong Tam, National Institute of Standards and Technology Michael Xuelin Huang, Google Inc. 

The Use of Distributed Sensors and Machine Learning for Situational Awareness  Abstract | Presentation
A. Davis, J. Milke and A. Trouve, University of Maryland 


National Smoke and CO Alarm Survey Challenges and Update  Abstract | Presentation
Arthur Lee, US Consumer Product Safety Commission 

Carbon Monoxide Incidents: A Review of the Data Landscape  Abstract | Presentation
Jim Milke, University of Maryland Jamie McCallister, FireTox LLC

Review of Alarm Technologies for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Populations  Abstract | Presentation
Amanda Kimball, Fire Protection Research Foundation 

Special Applications and Case Studies

Smart fire protection systems improve overall reliability and decision making  Abstract | Presentation
Travis Montembeault, Peerless Pump

The Evolution of Telecommunications Equipment Environments and Detection Challenges  Abstract | Presentation
Richard Kluge, Ericsson Inc. Jeffrey Betz, AT&T Services, Inc.

Reliable fire detection systems for residents with drug and psychiatric disorders  Abstract | Presentation
Jishan Mahmud Rumi, Western Norway University Arjen Kraaijeveld, Western Norway University Cristina Sanfeliu Meliá, RISE Fire Research


Measurements and Predictions of the Aerosol Dynamics of Soot  Abstract | Presentation
Amy Mensch, Thomas Cleary, National Institute of Standards and Technology 


Research and Applications on Wildfire Fire Alarm System based on Video Monitoring Technology  Abstract | Presentation
Fang Li, Worcester Polytechnic Institute USA Hongyun Guan, College of Information Science and Technology Donghua University China Qing Zhang, Shanghai Telling Safety Technology Co., Ltd. China 

Smart Technology and Systems

CareDEX: Disaster Resilience in Aging Communities via a Secure Data Exchange  Video
Nalini Venkatasubramanian, University of California Irvine

Fire Prevention and Code Compliance in the Age of Information and Automation  Abstract | Presentation
Maria Marks, Siemens Jason Webb, Potter Electric Signals