Workshop on International Wildfire Risk Reduction

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: “Workshop on International Wildfire Risk Reduction”
Author: Daniel Gorham
Date of issue: December 2017

On Tuesday June 6, 2017 the NFPA Wildfire Division and the Fire Protection Research Foundation hosted a workshop on International Wildfire Risk Reduction.

Wildfire is one of many hazards faced by communities around the world. The concept of Community Risk Reduction (CRR) is the basis for many safety and loss reduction efforts from numerous hazards. The hazards posed wildfires are significant and the frequency of disaster occurrence is increasing. These challenges are unique in some regions of the world but across the globe there is a common desire to reduce the risk of wildfires on communities.

This workshop brought together stakeholders from around the world to collaboratively address wildfire risk reduction based on their local experiences and successes. The participants shared their personal success stories on engaging with communities and addressing wildfire risk as well as the challenges they face given their local safety infrastructure.

Throughout the discussion the group identified six key items that that make wildfire risk reduction important. The group discussed factors that affect communicating wildfire risk reduction including defining the audience, messaging strategies, and content. Finally, the group identified perceived challenges in establishing and implementing community wildfire risk reduction practices around the world.

Based on discussion at the workshop and information received in the development of these proceedings the summary observations were generated and grouped in four main categories: Current State; Success; Needs; and Next Steps. The knowledge exchange that was a keystone to this event has continued beyond the original group on NFPA’s Xchange platform.

Download the report. (PDF)