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Catastrophic multiple-death fires

Report: NFPA's "Catastrophic Multiple-Death Fires in 2018"
Author: Stephen G. Badger
Issued: September 2019


Report highlights
  • Twenty-nine catastrophic multiple-death fires resulted in 214 deaths.
  • The deadliest fire in 2018 was a wildfire incident that occurred in a Northern California that killed 85 people. 
  • The deadliest structure fire in 2018 occurred in a two-family house in Illinois and killed 10 people.
  • Eleven of the fires were in homes, resulting in 62 deaths, with 26 of the victims under age six.
  • Ten of the fires were in non-home structures, resulting in 39 deaths.
  • Ninety-six (45%) of the deaths occurred at wildland fires.  (I made this one up so I’m not sure it’s okay to say, helpful, or if it’s right)
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