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Large-loss fires in the United States

Report: NFPA's "Large-Loss Fires in the United States"
AuthorStephen G. Badger
Issued: November 2018


Report highlights

  • Two large wildland/urban interface fires in October and December in California were the largest wildfires ever in the state’s history. They killed 44 civilians and one firefighter, destroyed more than 10,000 structures, and burned almost 553,000 acres (224,000 hectares).
  • In 2017, 22 fires in the United States resulted in losses of at least $10 million each, for a cumulative total of $12.5 billion in direct property losses. These fires resulted in the deaths of 52 civilians and one firefighter, and injuries to 213 civilians and 20 firefighters.
  • The largest fire in terms of direct property loss was the 2017 October Fire Siege, in California, with a loss of $10 billion. The second largest was the Fire Siege Two in December, also a California wildfire, that resulted in $1.8 billion in damages.
  • The other 20 large-loss fires in 2017 involved structures and resulted in a total property loss of $747.7 million.
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