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WUI-NITY: a platform for the simulation of wildland-urban interface fire evacuation

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: “WUI-NITY 2: The Integration, Verification, and Validation of the Wildfire Evacuation Platform WUI-NITY"
Authors: Enrico Ronchi, Jonathan Wahlqvist, Arthur Rohaert, Adam Ardinge Lund University; Steve Gwynne, Movement Strategies, UK; Guillermo Rein, Harry Mitchell, Nikolaos Kalogeropolulos, Imperial College London, UK; Max Kinateder, Noureddine Bénichou, National Research Council, Canada; Erica Kuligowski, Aaron Westbury, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia; Amanda Kimball, National Fire Protection Research Foundation USA. 
Date of issue
: December 2021


Previous report

Authors: Enrico Ronchi and Jonathan Wahlqvist, Lund University, Sweden; Steve Gwynne, Movement Strategies, UK; Max Kinateder, Noureddine Benichou, and Chunyun Ma, National Research Council, Canada; Guillermo Rein and Harry Mitchell, Imperial College, London, UK; Amanda Kimball, Fire Protection Research Foundation
Date of issue
April 2020

Download the report summary. (PDF)

Related report

Authors: Enrico Ronchi, Steven Gwynne, Guillermo Rein, Rahul Wadhwani, Paolo Intini and Albin Bergstedt
Date of issue
: December 2017



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