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Fires at Outside Storage Tanks 
This report examines fires at outside storage tanks reported to local fire departments. Only fires reported to U.S. municipal fire departments are included in this report, and it accordingly excludes fires reported only to Federal or state agencies or industrial fire brigades.

LP-Gas Bulk Storage
Statistical analysis of fires at flammable and combustible liquid storage tank facilities including trends, ignition factors, equipment involved, area of origin, form of heat of ignition and form and type of material first ignited. Mobile property type and trend data area provided for vehicle fires. Published incident descriptions are also included.

U.S. Structure Fires in Barns 
This report provides an overview of the fire problem in livestock and poultry storage, including barns, stockyards, and animal pens. This report includes statistics on major causes, time of day, day of week, month of year and item first ignited.

Structure Fires in U.S. Warehouses 
Overview of fire problem in warehouse structure fires, excluding cold storage properties, including trends and causal information.