Smoke Detection Performance Prediction Methodology

Fire Protection Research Foundation report:  "Validation of a Smoke Detection Performance Prediction MethodologyVolume 1 (PDF)Volume 2 (PDF)Volume 3 (PDF)Volume 4 (PDF)
Author: Matthew Brookman, Frederick W. Mowrer and James A. Milke, University of Maryland; Pravinray Gandhi, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Date of issue: October 2008


This report presents the results of a Foundation project whose goal was to develop a validated engineering methodology to calculate and accurately predict the response time of spot-type and aspirated smoke detection systems exposed to incipient fires and growing fires. The report, divided into four volumes, describes the test methods, test results, computer simulations and analyses used for this project, which addresses the validation of a smoke detection performance prediction methodology.

The four volumes of this report include:

  • Volume 1, which addresses the characterization of the heat and smoke release rates of eight incipient fire sources selected for this project;
  • Volume 2, which addresses the large-scale room fire tests conducted as part of this project;
  • Volume 3, which addresses evaluation of smoke detector performance in the large-scale room fire tests conducted as part of this project;
  • Volume 4, which addresses comparisons of current FDS smoke detection prediction methodologies with actual smoke detector performance in the largescale room fire tests.