Spacing Requirements for Complex Beamed and Sloped Ceilings

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Smoke Detector Spacing Requirements for Complex Beamed and Sloped Ceilings 

Volume 1 (PDF); Volume 2, Segment 1 (PDF)Segment 2 (PDF)Segment 3 (PDF)

Author: Christopher Mealy, Dr. Jason Floyd, Dr. Dan Gottuk, Hughes Associates, Inc.
Date of issue: April 2008


This two volume report documents the results of a study carried out in response to the needs of the National Fire Alarm Code Technical Committees for information on the performance of smoke detection for beamed ceilings. It follows two previous Foundation studies carried out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Schirmer Engineering. Volume 1 documents a series of experiments performed to validate the conclusions of the Schirmer modeling study on beamed hallways. Volume 2 documents the results of two new series of simulations. The first series simulated flat ceilings with long beam channels, i.e. a hallway with beams running parallel to the length or a large room with beams in one direction. The second series simulated sloped ceilings with beams running parallel to the slope, beams running perpendicular to the slope, or waffle type beams.