Video image detection systems installation performance

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Video Image Detection Systems Installation Performance Criteria" (PDF)
Author: Daniel T. Gottuk, Hughes Associates, Inc.
Date of issue: October 2008


The 2007 edition of NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm Code, recognized the use of VID systems for flame and smoke detection. Although recognized, there are limited prescriptive installation and use requirements and there is a general desire by many for the development of performance criteria that ultimately could be utilized for the design of systems or the creation of standards. Since the underlying VID technology and development of standard and network based camera systems are in a period of fairly rapid advancement, it is not possible to define a comprehensive set of stand-alone prescriptive requirements. Consequently, performance-based installation and operation requirements are needed. The objective of this project was to develop fire performance objectives and related criteria for VID systems in selected key applications relevant to their reference in NFPA 72.