Combustion air requirements for power burner appliances

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Combustion Air Requirements for Power Burner Appliances" (PDF, 1 MB)
Author: Yunyong P. Utiskul, Ph.D., P.E., Neil P. Wu, P.E., Hubert Biteau, Ph.D.
Date of issue: January 2012


The National Fuel Gas Code® combustion air requirements in section 9.3 were developed primarily for residential-sized non-power burner appliances. The code contains no separate requirements for power-burner type appliances often having large Btu inputs. Therefore, when the code’s current combustion air requirements are applied to these high Btu input power burner appliances they usually result in excessively sized outdoor combustion air openings. The objective of this project was to provide the technical justification to establish new combustion air provisions for high Btu input power burner appliances.