Review of NFPA 13 Dry System Water Delivery Provisions

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Review of NFPA 13 Dry System Water Delivery Provisions" (PDF, 2 MB)
Author: Daniel J. O'Connor, P.E., Gayle Pennel, P.E., Bert Cohn, P.E., Ervin Cui, P.E., Ph.D., Zeke Sun, P.E., Matthew L. Gummersall, Schirmer Engineering Corp.
Date of issue: January 2007 


NFPA 13 is currently considering code changes to omit the historical exception for omitting water deliver times for small dry pipe sprinkler systems less than 500 gallons (750 gallons with a Quick Opening Device). This report presents a result of a study undertaken to explore the data necessary to evaluate the validity of the omission of the time limit, or confirm that the general exception was not appropriate and the new time limit of 60 seconds for all systems is appropriate. A review of available information is presented and recommendations for development of further information are presented.

The Research Foundation expresses gratitude to the report authors Daniel O'Connor, Gayle Pennel , Bert Cohn , Ervin Cui , Zeke Sun , and Matthew Gummersall of Schirmer Engineering Corporation; Project Technical Panelists Kerry Bell, Edward Budnick, Christian Dubay, Morgan Hurley, Kenneth Linder, Joe Noble , John O' Neill and Rich Pehrson; and to the National Fire Protection Association for sponsoring the project.

The content, opinions and conclusions contained in this report are solely those of the authors.