The Mission of NFPA Journal 

It is the mission of NFPA Journal to provide NFPA members and other stakeholders with important information on fire, electrical, and life safety topics and on issues related to NFPA’s codes and standards development, education initiatives, and advocacy efforts. We will do this by identifying stories that are relevant and timely for our readers; upholding the highest journalistic standards of thoroughness and accuracy; and conveying that information in an attractive, well-designed publication across all platforms. The content of NFPA Journal solely reflects the personal opinions of the contributors and does not necessarily represent the official position of NFPA; the meaning and intent of NFPA codes and standards can be obtained only through NFPA’s published procedures for requesting formal interpretations. The contents of this magazine may not be reprinted without the written permission of NFPA. NFPA Journal is a registered trademark of NFPA.

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