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Living with Home Fire Sprinklers - It's Easy!

It’s Wednesday and today’s Home Fire Sprinkler Week theme is, It’s Easy to Live with Home Fire Sprinklers. Too often, sprinkler technology is depicted as challenging. But it’s really quite easy to live with home fire sprinklers. The trick is to communicate about how they work. One reason for the confusion is the most common myth - that all sprinklers go off at once. Practical experience debunks this of course, but fire safety educators must ensure the facts are out there. Use our messages today to help your audiences realize that only the sprinkler closest to the fire activates, controlling or putting out the fire. Home fire sprinklers need very little maintenance. Never paint sprinklers or concealing covers. Residents should take a look at their sprinklers and risers occasionally. Make sure nothing is hanging from, covering or blocking sprinklers (such as furniture).  A flow test should be done a couple times a year. The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) has a big library of free resources for residents, including information for people living in homes protected with sprinklers. As part of your community outreach, share these resources and invite people to visit our website. Any house, any community, any water supply – home fire sprinklers make communities safer for all. It really is easy to live with home fire sprinklers. Please share these messages today. Home Fire Sprinkler Week is co-hosted by HFSC and NFPA. For more information and resources related to today’s theme, visit the HFSC webpage. 

Symposium to Focus on the Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem and How Professionals Can Apply its Principles to Help Solve Today’s Fire Safety Challenges

When NFPA unveiled the Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem in 2018, stakeholders told us they were drawn to the idea. Over the last few years, they’ve asked poignant questions and examined ways they could work more closely together to help minimize risk and prevent loss, injuries, and death from hazards associated with fire, electrical, and other dangers in their communities. This fall, NFPA and the University of Maryland Department of Fire Protection Engineering will co-host their first Ecosystem symposium, inviting professionals from all disciplines to share their knowledge and ideas, and engage in more action-oriented collaboration between groups. From understanding the principles of the Ecosystem to the importance of working collectively, attendees will come away with the understanding and the tools to apply the Ecosystem to the challenges in our modern-day built environment. If you are a researcher, academic, risk manager, code official, engineer, architect, or member of the fire service, or you’re in involved in policy or urban planning, or other related profession, we invite you to attend. The event, which runs from September 28-29, 2022, in College Park, Maryland, also features some special guest speakers, including: John Barylick, Author, KILLER SHOW: The Station Nightclub Fire, America's Deadliest Rock Concert Chris Connealy, former Texas State Fire Marshal Benjamin Ditch, AVP, Sr. Lead Research Engineer, FM Global Professor Margaret Mcnamee, Division of Fire Safety Engineering, Lund University, Sweden Birgitte Messerschmidt, Director, Applied Research Group, NFPA Jim Pauley, NFPA President and CEO The event is limited to 180 participants so reserve your seat today. For more information about the event and to register, visit the University of Maryland event webpage. We look forward to seeing everyone in September!
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The Human Toll: Understanding the Physical, Emotional, and Psychological Issues Associated with Electrical Burn Injuries

NFPA has dedicated its efforts to raising awareness and helping educate workers, employers, and the public about the hazards associated with electricity both on the job and at home so that one day no one will have to suffer the effects of electrical burn injuries. Supporting ESFI and its annual Electrical Safety Month campaign provides an important platform for us to remind people about these hazards, but it is also an opportunity to share critical information about the physical, emotional, and psychological toll electrical injuries can take on a person and his/her families for months and years to come. NFPA created a video campaign series in collaboration with the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors called Faces of Fire/Electrical that is devoted to telling the personal stories of people affected by electrical injuries. Survivors like Don Johnson, who suffered third-degree burns on his face, neck, and arms due to an arc flash event that happened at work and who spent years recovering from his injuries; and Pam Elliott who shares her personal story of resilience after suffering major burns over 50 percent of her body after a fire ignited by a damaged lighting fixture destroyed her family home when she was just a young girl. Electrical hazards can affect anyone at any time if we are not careful. These stories and many more highlighted in the campaign serve as powerful reminders about the need for more recognition and understanding of the electrical hazards that exist in our daily lives. Here are a few additional resources we are highlighting this month that feature stories from survivors and the doctors who treat them: NFPA has a podcast called the Mysteries of Electrical Injuries. In the interview, we speak with three renowned doctors from the Chicago Electrical Trauma Rehabilitation Institute about what an electrical shock can do to the human body, the treatments available, and how our understanding of the resulting injuries continues to evolve. It’s a discussion you definitely don’t want to miss. One of the doctors featured in the “Mysteries” podcast, Dr. Neil Pliskin, is part of a lineup of experts in the “Empowering Electrical Design, Installation, and Safety” program as part of the NFPA 125th Anniversary Conference Series. Dr. Pliskin discusses his work with electrical injury patients and the research associated with neuropsychological issues that can arise following electrical shock injuries. The program is available on demand through the end of May.  In a separate video, and as part of the Faces of Fire/Electrical campaign, we interviewed Dr. Victor Joe who works at UCI Health Regional Burn Center and sits on the Phoenix Society’s Board. In his interview, Dr. Joe discusses his passionate work to treat the complete physical and emotional healing of patients suffering from burn injuries. Join us during Electrical Safety Month in sharing this crucial information and spreading the word on how we can all reduce the risk of electrical injuries and create a safer world for all. You can find these resources and more like videos, checklists, and tip sheets, on our website.
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Nominate Your Favorite Home Fire Sprinkler Safety Advocate for the NFPA/HFSC “Bringing Safety Home Award”

Research shows home fire sprinklers play a key role in saving lives and property; the benefits of this life-saving technology are witnessed everyday across the country. And behind the scenes are many individuals who, armed with data and numbers, stories, and experiences work tirelessly in their communities to advance this all-important safety message. If you know someone whose work includes the promotion of the benefits of home fire sprinklers, then we encourage you to nominate him/her for this year’s Bringing Safety Home Award. The award, supported by NFPA and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC), honors members of the fire service and other fire sprinkler advocates in North America who use HFSC educational materials, NFPA data, and NFPA Fire Sprinkler Initiative resources to educate decision-makers on home fire sprinklers. Such efforts include things like educating the public and policymakers to increase the use of home fire sprinklers in new homes. The great news is that the award winner will receive a $1,000 grant to help further his/her fire sprinkler advocacy and educational efforts in their area. We’re also excited to be able to announce the winner during Home Fire Sprinkler Week, May 15–21, 2022. A big congratulations to the 2021 Bringing Safety Home Award recipient, Paul Eichler, who is the Operations Battalion Chief of Anne Arundel County Fire Department in Maryland. Paul is also a volunteer member of the Dover Fire Department in Delaware, and he chairs the Delaware Fire Sprinkler Coalition. Described as a constant advocate for home fire sprinklers, Paul has been credited for his work with the Coalition in achieving the lone home fire sprinkler requirement in Newark, Delaware, his varied public education efforts such as live fire sprinkler demonstrations, and his ongoing public awareness outreach. So don’t delay. The deadline to nominate your favorite home fire sprinkler advocate for this year’s award is Friday, April 8, 2022. Get additional information about the process and use our online form to submit your choice. We look forward to hearing from you! Need information about home fire sprinklers? Visit the HFSC website to learn more.
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