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Prevent skylights from being an entry point for embers and flames

Skylights and their ability to compromise a home during a wildfire is the featured topic in this month's Wildfire Research Fact Sheet. A skylight can be vulnerable if subjected to extended radiant heat exposure or to flames when embers ignite accumulated vegetative debris. Implementing precautionary steps can help keep them from being an entry point for embers and flames.


Get the full fact sheet and learn which skylights are less likely to fail, how a roof's slope has an impact, glass and screen benefits and what to do with your skylight prior to evacuating (if and when time permits).


The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) and the National Fire Protection Association's Firewise USA® program produces the fact sheet series. Each topic provides residents living in wildfire risk areas with important research findings that can improve their home's chances of surviving a wildfire.


The series also provides forestry agencies, fire departments and additional stakeholders with the ability to customize each of the topics with their agency or department's logo.

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