Interactive online resource helps build understanding of wildfire risks

Want to gain a basic understanding of how wildfires spread and ignite homes?  Take our interactive online class, Understanding the Wildfire Threat to Homes. An overview of fire history, fire basics, and how homes burn. 

This easy to follow video-based course is available in English and in Spanish.  Viewing either version does not require a log-in and should take approximately thirty minutes to complete.

Residents and stakeholders will learn more about:

  • The threat of wildfire to homes and communities.
  • 3 things that can affect the speed and intensity of wildfire.
  • The primary sources of ignition for a home during a wildfire.

You will also hear from Dr. Jack Cohen, USFS Ret., as he shares some simple actions you can take that will greatly decrease the impacts of embers and surface fires. Use and share this knowledge to increase the chances that your home and others in your community survive a wildfire. 

As Jack says, if your home doesn't ignite, it can't burn.

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Megan Fitzgerald-McGowan
Program Specialist, Megan manages Firewise USA® and holds a deep belief that collaboration is the best way to reduce risk and loss from wildfire.

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