Firewise USA renewal season is almost here!

critical component of the Firewise USA® program is annual commitment to wildfire safety and risk reduction action. Every year participating communities across the country host educational outreach events and organize their residents to complete activities around on their homes and in their home ignition zones (HIZ).  This annual work  improves the overall condition of homes and properties, increasing the odds of withstanding a wildfire.  

In 2022, renewal applications are due Friday, November 18, and can be started now. Resident leaders should logon to the Firewise USA portal to start the process. Completing the application by the due date will keep your community In Good Standing for 2023 and ensure you are included in any reporting that NFPA does.

Need some inspiration on what to tell us? Here are some highlights from 2021:

Educational outreach 

  • Two members of our Firewise Committee were trained by MOFD as Firewise Safety Ambassadors. Using this training we performed walks with individual neighbors to identify opportunities to improve the wildfire readiness of their properties. Completed review of approximately 20 properties between May and July of 2021. - Greater Monte Vista, CA.
  • Monthly FW Committee Meetings to discuss FW activities and participation by residents throughout the year. Monthly Firewise news articles were published in the MTS Newsletter. - Myrtle Trace South, SC.

Vegetation removal

Program wide over 2,000 vegetation removal events were reported for over 2.5 million cubic years.

Example - River Bluff Ranch, WA

  • Removed vegetation
  • Prescribed burning

Notes: Several residents did their own DNR permit burning

  • Recycled/reused vegetation

Notes: Several residents rented chippers to recycle the vegetation they removed.

Many of River Bluff Ranch residents did individual Firewise mitigation work on their personal properties this year. Trees and brush removed, bark replaced with river rock, and plants replaced with fire resistant plants.

Total vegetation removed (as able to report): 32 Cubic Yards

Risk reduction investment

Ever community is required to meet an investment of 1 hour of work per home or the monetary equivalent, so 8 homes would equal 8 hours.  Most participants far exceed this and report a combination of hours worked and money spent.  In 2021 new and renewing sites reported over 2 million hours worked and over $134 million spent.

The commitment of residents across the country to wildfire risk reduction is truly astounding and I can't wait to read about what they did in 2022! Visit the portal today to start your community's renewal and tell us how amazing you are.

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Megan Fitzgerald-McGowan
Program Specialist, Megan manages Firewise USA® and holds a deep belief that collaboration is the best way to reduce risk and loss from wildfire.

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