Protect Your Home from Wildfire with Free Online Learning from NFPA

If you’re one of the millions of people living in an area where wildfires are part of the landscape, you may be wondering where to start to protect your home or business. The Reducing Wildfire Risk to Property: Protecting Your Home or Business online training course from NFPA® is the perfect first step for you to learn how to make your property more resistant to wildfire flames and embers.

This free, self-paced course is available to anyone interested in understanding how wildfires spread to buildings and the steps they can take to prevent ignition and destruction.

Participants can select each element of a building—roof, windows, siding, vents—to get a complete view of how fire can affect it, and what changes can be made to make the whole structure much safer. As you complete each section, you will be creating your property improvement plan, which can later be downloaded or printed for your use.

In addition to having a plan of action to safeguard your home or business, the course comes with a free mobile app, NFPA Wildfire Risk Simulator, available for Apple or Android devices. The app gives you a dramatic depiction of how well—or poorly—a structure will fare when exposed to wildfire depending on its design, materials, and surrounding landscaping.

Register for this interactive online course today. With only a small amount of time invested, you can start taking big steps to secure your home or business from the threat of wildfire.

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Michele Steinberg
Director, Wildfire Division, Disaster safety educator, land use planning advocate. Believes we can end home destruction from wildfires.

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