What should you consider when creating a new home safety plan? Fire sprinklers, for starters

Since one in 10 Americans relocate each year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, many acclimate to new settings without properly assessing their fire risks. New homes, for instance, pose a series of potential risks not seen in older homes.

Creating a new home safety plan is as crucial a step as making sure your plumbing is working properly. The website, New Home Source, has offered a series of planning tips, including a few "precautionary measures" while the home is under construction. "If you are building a new home, a home fire sprinkler should be as important as hardwood floors or granite countertops," Judy Comoletti, NFPA's division manager of public education, stated in an article that recently appeared on the website. "They protect lives by keeping fires small, they react quickly and can reduce the heat, flames, and smoke in a fire, allowing people more time to escape."

Read the full article for additional tips on assessing your new home's fire risks and other important information. 

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