City passes on home fire sprinkler requirement, for now

The town of Sheridan, Wyoming, upset safety advocates recently when its city council updated its building codes, but passed on a requirement to fire sprinkler its new homes. However, their vote doesn't appear to be a resounding "no" to sprinklers. 

According to The Sheridan Press, city staff will continue discussions on installation affordability, insurance incentives, and potential cost savings. Community Development Director Brian Craig said he and his staff want to confirm these financial incentives before "encouraging council to adopt the requirement." Discussions on this requirement, he added, will likely continue through the winter and in 2019. 

A local builder also welcomed further conversations that could lead to a requirement. "We would like to propose that we continue our discussions with council...along with other members and people in the community to figure out the best way this can be put into use in the future, which wouldn't damage the affordable housing situation and yet encourage the safety of installation for the residents," Ron Patterson, president of Big Horn Homebuilders, told the publication. 

Arguing against stalling the adoption of a requirement was J.D. Gamble, owner of Life Safety Solutions. He told The Sheridan Press that fire sprinklers respond immediately to home fires and address real concerns about local firefighters being unable to get to a home fire in ample time. "There is not one good excuse for not having [the fire sprinkler requirement]," he said. 

If you reside in Wyoming and want to help promote home fire sprinklers, please join the Wyoming Fire Sprinkler Coalition.

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