Richard - This Old House Sprinkler Demonstration

Showing How Sprinklers Work on This Old House

If you were thumbing through your social media feeds over the last few days, you might have seen it: with a little humor and a great hat, Richard Trethewey from This Old House demonstrated how sprinklers work in a video that was posted on the show's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

All lightheartedness aside, in the minute-long clip, Richard, This Old House's plumbing and heating expert, addresses some of the common misconceptions about residential sprinklers. With more than 93,000 views on Facebook alone, the clip reached many of the show's fans. “Thank you for showing the truth about sprinklers in the home,” commented one viewer.

Check out Richard's demonstration video on Facebook: 

The social media cards from The Fire Sprinkler Initiative (FSI) and The Truth About Home Fire Sprinklers from FSI and The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition are two additional resources you can share with your audiences to provide education about residential sprinklers. The topics covered include sprinklers vs. smoke alarms, the cost of sprinklers, and sprinkler water usage.

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