Home Fire Sprinkler Week

3 Steps to Help Jump Start Your Plan for Participating in Home Fire Sprinkler Week

The vast majority of fire deaths in North America happen at home. It's imperative we bring attention to this problem--and its solution.


From May 17 – 23, 2020, the NFPA Fire Sprinkler Initiative, the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition, and Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition-Canada will celebrate Home Fire Sprinkler Week and encourage other home fire sprinkler advocated to join in with local activities at any time during the week.


Participating in Home Fire Sprinkler Week will send a powerful message to your local decision makers, residents, and even the media that fire sprinklers in new homes should be embraced. Here are some great ways to help you get started:


  1. Join forces: If your state or province has a fire sprinkler coalition, check with them to see if you
    can support their efforts. To find the locations, visit the fire sprinkler coalition page on the Fire Sprinkler Initiative site.
  2. Pick a project: There are a number of great projects you can choose to take part in. Check out the list of potential activities.
  3. Make it public: Download and customize a proclamation for use by one of your community's officials.


There's still plenty of time to plan an event or lend your support to an event in the works. Visit the Home Fire Sprinkler Week webpage for more information. 

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Lorraine Carli
VP, Outreach & Advocacy, Working to save lives and property through awareness, action and collaborations.

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