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Oregon Deputy Fire Marshal Receives National Award for Home Fire Sprinkler Advocacy

NFPA's  Fire Sprinkler Initiative and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) are pleased to announce that Chase Browning from the Medford Fire Department, is the recipient of the 2019 Bringing Safety Home Award.


The award recognizes fire service members and other safety advocates who use HFSC and NFPA home fire sprinkler educational materials and resources to educate local officials as part of an effort to upgrade or pass new home fire sprinkler legislation.

Browning, the Chair of the Oregon Fire Sprinkler Coalition, has been a champion for the lifesaving benefits of sprinklers for many years. He was influential in participating in HFSC's Fire Sprinkler Developer Incentives program, working alongside several builders and developers. He has participated in the code adoption process with Oregon's Building Codes Division (BCD), making certain that the BCD does not amend NFPA 13D, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in One- and Two-Family Dwellings and Manufactured Homes. While working in the HFSC pilot process for the incentives campaign, Browning continues to education builders/developers on the financial benefits of the incentives and hopes to see more voluntary use of sprinklers.

As part of his many advocacy efforts, Browning was instrumental in building two fire sprinkler burn trailers, one from a $10,000 Bringing Safety Home grant, and one in conjunction with the Ashland Fire Department through a FEMA grant. He promotes the use of these trailers in Oregon, conducting or being a part of many side-by-side demonstrations. The trailers continue to be deployed throughout the state.


With Browning's support, the Oregon Fire Sprinkler Coalition has developed 11 educational presentations, which are posted on the Coalition website, and used to promote home fire sprinklers throughout the state. He has developed personal relationships with and delivered advocacy programs to water purveyors, sprinkler contractors, home builders, developers, fire services, building officials, city managers, and many others. Browning has also started developing a home fire sprinklers best practices guide with plans to share it with others across the country.


Through Browning's tireless efforts, the Coalition ensures that every year Oregon actively participates in Home Fire Sprinkler Week, and that the activities of the Coalition are occurring in most areas of the state. He also teaches technical sprinkler classes across the country on behalf of the National Fire Sprinkler Association.


As the Bringing Safety Home Award recipient, Browning was awarded a $1000 grant to further fire sprinkler advocacy and educational efforts in his community.


Deputy Fire Marshal Browning is an excellent example of the many local champions working to reduce loss from home fires by acting locally to increase the number of new homes built with sprinklers. NFPA and HFSC are extremely pleased to present this award to such an active life safety advocate.


More information about fire sprinkler advocacy can be found on NFPA's website, and at



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Lorraine Carli
VP, Outreach & Advocacy, Working to save lives and property through awareness, action and collaborations.