Take Advantage of Insurance Savings with Home Fire Sprinklers

Buying a home is a process that calls for making many choices, but when it comes to safety investments, a lack of accurate information can keep homeowners from making the most of available technology. Our Mythblaster Monday series cuts through the noise of false information surrounding home fire sprinklers, providing resources for advocates on their many advantages. In an earlier blog, we detailed the low cost per square foot of installed sprinkler space, while last week we debunked the idea that sprinklers are likely to leak. Today we tackle the outsized fear that home fire sprinklers will negatively affect insurance fees.

Myth: My insurance rates will go up.

Fact: Most insurance companies reward customers who protect their homes with fire sprinklers. 

In 2019, the over 1 million fires that local fire departments responded to caused 3,700 civilian deaths and $14.8 billion in property damage. One home fire sprinkler is enough to contain a fire in 90 percent of cases, making them valuable insurance against the losses of fire at a very low cost. Far from causing insurance hikes, HFSC completed a recent poll of property and casualty insurers that found discounts as high as 35 percent for homes that have sprinklers installed. Discounts can vary, so when sharing this message, make sure that homeowners know to shop around for the best discount, and that having sprinklers connected to a central station usually qualifies for an additional discount.

Almost two-thirds (69 percent) of homeowners already say that having fire sprinklers increases the value of a home, and this brochure gives professionals further details on home fire sprinklers and how to insure homes with them installed. Reduced labor costs and improvements in home fire sprinkler technology over the past 25 years have made them a more accessible, invaluable addition to fire protection systems for the home than ever. For more information on how to share the benefits of home fire sprinklers with your community, visit the Fire Sprinkler Initiative and Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition online.

Most home fires are a result of cooking, and this year's Fire Prevention Week is focused on combating kitchen fires. Fire Prevention Week is October 4-10, 2020. Visit Firepreventionweek.org for the resources you need to help keep your community safe. Let's all Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kithcen!TM

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James Monahan
James Monahan
Public Affairs Intern

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