Day 2 of Home Fire Sprinkler Week Reminds Us - Sprinklers are Part of a Fire-Safe Community

Can you imagine how many people we can reach if we all share the same messages at the same time? During Home Fire Sprinkler Week, we can reach a lot! We have the opportunity to use our collective voice to spread the word about the life saving benefits of home fire sprinklers. We hope you are joining us and taking advantage of all the great resources available to share with those in your community.

Day 2 of the campaign, speaks to how fire sprinklers are part of a fire-safe community. Not only do sprinklers protect residents, but they also lower the risk of danger to firefighters and our neighbors when there’s a house fire. To take part in today’s event, visit the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition website, then:

  • Find today’s theme and suggested content
  • Choose a video or graphic (or both)
  • Post the information on your website, Facebook, Twitter, or on all of your social media platforms

Help us fill the digital world with life safety messages. Join us in sharing valuable, life-saving information during Home Fire Sprinkler Week. For additional information, please visit the Fire Sprinkler Initiative.

Next Up: Wednesday’s theme is “It’s Easy to Live with Home Fire Sprinklers”

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LisaMarie Sinatra
Communications Manager, Public Affairs Office

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