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Championing Firefighter Health and Safety Through the Support of Home Fire Sprinklers

Consider this: firefighters are 11 times more likely to be injured fighting structure fires than any other incident they respond to. With this statistic in mind, it stands to reason that the quicker we extinguish fires, the less firefighters will suffer from cancer-causing contamination and potential injury while on the job. Home fire sprinklers mean less risk exposure for firefighters and fire investigators. It’s one of the many reasons why today the fire service is one of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition’s(HFSC) most ardent supporters in delivering sprinkler education programs and information to communities across North America. 

To help explain the evolution of the fire service’s work with HFSC, Ron Siarnicki, executive director of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) joins HFSC president Lorraine Carli in an interview, the latest in a video series created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of HFSC.

“(When it comes to) residential fire sprinklers, (we know) it holds the fire in check and makes a difference to ensure everyone is out of the structure, so when the fire department arrives, they can focus on an accountability of all the residents, which makes a big difference for the incident commander, the decisions they’ll make, and how they’re going to attack that fire. These systems make a world of difference,” Ron says in the interview.

Ron also highlights key NFFF programs like the “Everyone Goes Home” program, which strives to prevent firefighter line-of-duty deaths and injuries, and its connection to the efforts of HFSC. He also highlights the “16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives” and points specifically to initiative #15, which addresses the importance of code enforcement and fire sprinklers.

Listen to the full interview with Ron and Lorraine to learn more about the NFFF, its campaigns, and work with HFSC:


A special HFSC website page provides the fire service with lots of great tools and information to help communities understand the benefits of home fire sprinklers. And all materials are free to download and use! >Visit the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition website today for these resources.

If you missed any of the previous interviews, including Lorraine’s most recent discussion with Maya Milardovic and Sean Tracey of HFSC Canada, find the full video series on HFSC’s website.  

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Communications Manager, Public Affairs Office

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