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Home Fire Sprinkler Week Emphasizes How This Life Saving Technology is Smart and Green!

It’s Day 2 of the Home Fire Sprinkler Week campaign and today’s theme is Fire Sprinklers are Smart and Green. Homebuyers planning to build a new home will most likely be weighing a range of smart features. These may make the new home energy efficient and more sustainable. But is that enough? One of the smartest and greenest features a home can have is the one that can also save a life: home fire sprinklers.

Fire is fast. Sprinklers stop a fire from becoming deadly. And fire sprinklers are green. This was proven by research from FM Global, showing that home fire sprinklers cut greenhouse gas emissions by 97.8 percent. Water usage to fight the fires was reduced between 50 percent and 91 percent. Fewer persistent pollutants, such as heavy metals, were found in sprinkler wastewater versus fire hose water. With fire sprinklers, less destroyed property and fewer damaged furnishings end up in landfills.

Today smart homes are common; but they’re not smart enough if they don’t include smart and green home fire sprinklers. Our free resources will help you increase awareness in your community that Fire Sprinklers are Smart and Green.  Please share these messages today. Home Fire Sprinkler Week is co-hosted by the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) and NFPA.

Find resources and information related to today’s theme on the HFSC website.

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LisaMarie Sinatra
Communications Manager, Public Affairs Office

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